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Topic-icon Legalizacja i amnestia w Ontario

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Lobbowanie za legalizacją i amnestią dla nieudokumentowanych pracowników w Ontario.

Demonstracja przed budynkiem parlamentu prowincji Ontario zorganizowana przez UWC Undocumented Workers Committee.
Organizacja to skupia Włochów, Portugalczyków, Brazylijczyków, Polaków, a także wiele innych narodowości.
UWC zajmuje się lobbingiem dla nieudokumentowanych pracowników w Ontario od początku lat 2000-ych.
Posiada sukcesy w legalizowaniu większych grup imigrantów.

Tutaj UWC Press Release

Press Release

The UWC and a coalition of Christian leaders today called on the community to join the “Immigration Common Sense and Fairness” demonstration to be held at Queen’s Park on February 21, 2019 between 1 pm and 3 pm.

Trudeau has lost control of his immigration madness. It is time to admit failure and start the process of a “file by file amnesty”. Honest, law abiding workers and taxpayers should stay. The others should leave.

The demonstration will be in support of Premier Doug Ford recognizing that Trudeau’s failed immigration polices:

• Discriminate against hardworking taxpayers already successfully established in Canada
• Discriminate against Christians in troubled countries around the world
• Criminalize 10 % of the GTA including 500,000 Ontario workers and tens of thousands of Ontario employers
• Cost Ontario taxpayers $6 billion annually
• Deport children that Ontario taxpayers educate at a cost of $1 billion annually
• Risk the closing of 5,000 Ontario classrooms with the loss of 7,500 education jobs
• Kill Ontario apprenticeships and jobs
• Place infrastructure construction at risk

We have worked long and hard to help fix the broken immigration system. It is beyond repair.Trudeau lacks the will to help tens of thousands Ontario employers who run their businesses with 500,000 undocumented workers. His immigration obsessions have no connection to economic reality or religious fair play.

The only sane solution is a “file by file amnesty” to deal with the problem in a constitutionally legal and direct manner. This will not happen unless Premier Ford and Ontario step up and tell Trudeau that “enough is enough”.

Every other province has taken control of its economic immigration destiny … why not Ontario?

We simply cannot afford the human and financial cost of Trudeau’s corrupt, anti-Ontario, anti-business, anti-worker and anti-Christian immigration games.

For further information please call:

Manuel Alexandre
905 586 9954

Juliano d’Lucca
416 970 3046

"A Nation's greatest enemy is the small minds of its small people"

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Kropla drąży skałę. Tak lobbują Włosi w Toronto, Ontario.

March 4, 2019

H.E. Claudio Taffuri
Ambassador of Italy to Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

The Undocumented Workers Committee has been advocating on behalf of trade workers, including those from Italy, since 2004.

We very much welcome the support of the Italian government in assuring the well-being of young Italians within Canada’s immigration process. When young Italians prosper, Canada flourishes. We hope that this is a renewed beginning of Italy’s historically close ties with our many communities. Grazie

The purpose of this letter is to put the focus of this Saturday’s meeting into perspective:

While Canadians very much welcome new Italian immigrants, Ahmed Hussen goes out of his way to punish new Italian immigration.

While Ontario extends hospitality to all immigrants Ahmed Hussen makes it impossible for Ontario to help the thousands of our undocumented young Italians.

Perhaps this Saturday’s meeting will be able to address the following issues:

Why does Canada discriminate against young, skilled Italian workers wanting to immigrate to Ontario?

Of the 59,650 persons admitted for Ontario as economic immigrants in 2018 by Minister Hussen, only 130 were Italians.

There is only room for 130 legal Italians. Worse, Minister Hussen will not even consider work permits to the many legitimate Ontario employers presently hiring thousands of young undocumented Italians. Minister Hussen knows that there is no truth to his government’s claim that Ontario does not need many thousands of legal construction workers, food service workers and mechanics. Instead, Hussen promotes more illegal Italian immigration.

Minister Hussen pretends that many young, qualified Italians in post Brexit Britain who already work in the English language cannot establish in Canada because they cannot pass the discredited IELTS language exam.

Minister Hussen’s position demanding language exams for European Union carpenters, cooks and mechanics makes no sense. Ontario employers are permitted to hire non English speaking workers from French colonies but are forbidden to hire Italians who speak good English. The Minister’s logic is that Italian and other EU carpenters and cooks will not succeed in Ontario unless they can write a 500 word, properly punctuated essay not required of any Ontario worker.

Minister Hussen is treating with contempt the Demitri family and the many respected politicians and community members supporting the Demitri family.

Why the contempt?

Again, Mr. Ambassador, please be assured that Canadians from all communities look forward to young Italians once again taking their rightful place in building this great country.

We wish you and all participants a successful meeting this Saturday.

Respectfully yours,

cc :Eugenio Sgro, Consul General of Italy in Toronto
Hon Michael Tibollo, Minister, Province of Ontario
Mario Calla, Executive Director ,COSTI
Comites Toronto,
Ahmed Hussen


Manuel Alexandre
18 Regan Rd. Unit 21, Brampton ON L7A 1C2
T: 905-459-3903
F: 905-459-3581

"A Nation's greatest enemy is the small minds of its small people"

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