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10 miesiąc 3 dni temu #50825 przez kimn77@hotmail.com

I have permanent residence in Canada. I am a citizen of Canada and Poland. A POLAK will come to me with whom I think to get married. I think this is the only way out that he would have health protection. Unfortunately, we are elderly, he is almost 70 years old. We fell in love when I was in Poland. She's coming in 1 or 2 months. Of course we don't have much time and life to think for a long time. I see the only option is to marry so that he has secured health care and the opportunity to stay here in Canada. You can help me to understand what I should do.

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10 miesiąc 1 dzień temu #50826 przez ptoki


You have a few options.
You can sponsor your spouse:
That option may be quite lengthy and as far I remember there are some quotas so you may not get it granted quickly.

You can bring her to canada as a tourist for some time and pay the insurance out of pocket or get her a travel insurance.
Still she would need to fly back to Poland from time to time to attend the health checkups, etc.

Sponsorship option is a bit formal and you may need to file some paperwork. And it may fail depending on circumstances. Im not sure what are requirements regarding the health in such cases.

The tourist option is easy, mostly problem free.
If you spend six months in Poland with her and she spends another six in canada with you you should not have any problems. Still the CBSA agent on the border may be picky in some cases, it will still be good to have some paperwork done (marriage certificates, travel insurance etc...)

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