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Topic-icon "IELTS is a criminal organization"

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Co do IELTS. Ciekawia mnie te szczegoly.
Ja tu kiedys sie z kims spieralem o nasze niedoreprezentowanie i jak spojrzalem w statystki to nie widzialem tego gorzkiego konca kija. Chetnie poznam szczegoly jesli sa dostepne.

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Isn't this interesting ?...

not only is IELTS conflicted but Canada's CELPIP has also been sold to Paragon Testing Enterprses ... a bunch of pirates who have no offices or testing centres in Europe or Latin America but have opened up in the Emeriates and now , in Chandrigahr (PUNJAB)
Love it

Lily did some home work on IELTS fraud

- IELTS is a criminal global human-trafficking scam racket
- Most IELTS fraud is targeted towards migrants for Canada, as there is no real competition. It is a corrupt duopoly market and CELPIP only have offices in Canada, Emirates and New York City.

Is IELTS a scam? I scored an 8 in speaking, listening, reading, and an amazing 5.5 in writing as well as in the general module? How is that even possible? - Quora

Jay Jericho, Senior Tutor at The Free School (2015-present)
Answered Feb 27, 2018 · Author has 555 answers and 387.8k answer views

IELTS Fake 6.5 Writing Scores Scam Lawsuit www.ielts.agency

Yes, IELTS is a criminal global human-trafficking scam racket.
Most scores of 6.5 awarded for migrants to Canada and Australia are fake marginal fail scores that are designed to slow down immigration and to maximize profits from repeat tests. The Chief Executive of IDP Education Andrew Barkla earned AUD$16.4 million dollars last financial year, mostly funded from fake IELTS failed exams.

Most IELTS fraud is targeted towards migrants for Canada, as there is no real competition. It is a corrupt duopoly market and CELPIP only have offices in Canada, Emirates and New York City.

I am an Australian citizen and I have a doctorate from the University of Sydney and hold two degrees in English language teaching (TESOL). I have no reason to need IELTS (I have taught IELTS and published on IELTS) and I have no reason to be sour or partial. I have been trained by practicing IELTS examiners at CQ University, Australia.

Any person who is an IELTS tutor who defends IELTS has a conflict-of-interest. They are feeding off of the IELTS parasite system and do not want to admit that they earn a living from a criminal sector. They repeatedly see very good students earn e.g. 8.0 under test practice conditions at the college, only to earn 6.5 for writing time and time again at the IELTS test centre.

I welcome you to read my 315 page IELTS research report at this web link and decide for yourself.

University of British Columbia Human Trafficking Crimes

IELTS - The British Council's Language Business Scam
IELTS - The British Council's Language Business Scam / IELTS - The British Council's Language Business Scam

1 United States Review updated: May 12, 2017
When you register for the IELTS test online, they ask you all sorts of redundant information, like "why are taking the test, " and "where are you going". If you contact them by e-mail you notice that they send out e-mails with the footer, "WE BUILD TRUST!" And when you go to their office, you notice that they have built a fortress, you are required to leave your ID when entering their building and, for the exam, they collect all your person information, including fingerprints and photos (given their level of incompetence, I'm pretty sure that the data is not stored securely).

In the third-world they hire high-school dropouts (CERTIFIED BY THEM) to grade your test. The staff are rude, and they harass you for every little thing. The British Council does not trust their local staff, either. They want candidates to pay for tests by depositing the funds to the local British Council back account.

The few British people who work at the British Council to grade IELTS are there because they are not good enough to teach primary school English. These British people come on a visitor's visa and are only there for a vacation (this is illegal).

When I took my speaking test, I could see the person at the other end convulsing. And when I took the remaining tests with other candidates, the person who administered the test read the instructions like an angry Taliban air-hostess. She snapped at the candidates at every opportunity she got, and went around checking IDs in the middle of the test (the implication is that the candidates switched seats).

Although the British Council sends out emails with the footer "WE BUILD TRUST!" their behavior shows that they take candidates to be impulsive monkeys and they, the British Council, will not take responsibility for anything.

The IELTS is the weakest measure of English proficiency. It is run by a bunch of racist clowns.

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Sally Prudence 12th of May, 2017

Those who are interested in working through their IELTS complaint are welcome to speak with Dr. Jay Jericho from The Free School. There is no cost (fee) involved at any time and your discussion is strictly private and confidential.

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